Operations Evaluation Group

CNA's Operations Evaluation Group: ongoing Washington-based and field-based research on strategic, operational, and tactical challenges facing the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Commands.

CNA’s Operations Evaluation Group (OEG) analyzes operations and logistics and explores such issues as opportunities for system improvements, efficient and effective use of shared fiscal resources, and whether operations systems should be upgraded or replaced.

Integration – between the Navy and Marine Corps as well as between operators and the operator-training community – is also a focus for OEG analysts. This work involves understanding the skills being honed under specific training programs and identifying how those programs can adapt to new concepts of operation. For example, can a program accommodate a compressed pre-deployment training period? What impact does pre-deployment training have on combat effectiveness? What role does the training environment play in training received?

In addition, OEG works on near-term problems facing decision makers in Washington, including efforts which have focused on the implications of U.S. operations in Iraq for future naval forces.

Through its Field Program, OEG deploys analysts to operational commands around the world and, in times of crisis or conflict, dispatches additional analysts to support the military's operating forces.

Operations Evaluation Group Teams

  • Combat Systems and Interoperability
  • Fleet and Operational Support
  • Marine Corps Field
  • Operational Training and Readiness
  • Organizations, Roles, and Missions
  • Pacific Theater Operations
  • Special Activities and Innovation
  • Warfare Capabilities and Employment