China Studies

CNA China Studies: analyzing China and its emerging role in the international order.

CNA China Studies provides superior analyses of developments within China, of its emerging role in the international order, and of issues related to U.S.-China relations.

Its research is non-partisan, objective, and evidence-based and its publications – including papers, briefings, monographs, and book-length studies – and events provide the insight and context leaders need to develop sound plans and policies and to make informed judgments about China.

CNA China Studies draws on the expertise of 20 in-house analysts all of whom have lived, worked, or studied in Greater China and who can read Chinese and work with Chinese-language materials. The staff’s China-related experiences range from civilian government service, to military careers, to university and research positions, to service with NGOs, to work in the private sector.

To ensure that its researchers, sponsors, and the public have access to an array of informed viewpoints, CNA China Studies also maintains an extensive network of subject-matter experts from universities, government, and the private sector from around the world, and maintains valuable relationships with counterpart organizations throughout "Greater China."

The Second Phase of Chinese Military Reform from CNA on Vimeo.

For more information, contact or 703.824.2000.