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Cyber Research Program

CNA’s cyber research program, most of which is classified, supports the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense across the spectrum of cyber issues. CNA analysts focus on assessing and improving the performance and capabilities of current systems and on estimating the effectiveness of future systems, at times helping developers test alternatives or upgrades to quantify their operational performance.

For cyberspace operations, CNA analysts collect and analyze data to assess afloat network operations and work with fleet operators, resource sponsors, and systems engineers to improve data throughput and ensure reliable communications in all environments. Many analysts go to sea to understand critical command and control requirements and assist operators in adapting peacetime procedures for war-fighting conditions. 

In the area of cyber warfare, CNA assists the Navy in operationalizing computer network defense in the fleet at the system, tactical, and operational levels. Analysts work directly with fleet operators to optimize current tools and applications and then use those insights and data to help resource sponsors in the Pentagon and technical personnel in the acquisition community develop and procure the next generation of defensive cyber warfare capabilities. 

CNA is also helping operationalize offensive cyber warfare capabilities by assessing its military utility and integrating cyber into traditional operations. Analysts with expertise in cyber warfare work with analysts who are experts in electronic warfare and other warfare areas to provide holistic systems-of-systems analyses of complex, integrated multi-warfare operations. 

CNA is also helping the department better understand and manage cyber requirements and resourcing within the planning, programming, budgeting, and execution system (PBBES). CNA cyber analysts work with CNA experts in workforce management, training, and budgeting to analyze requirements and relate emerging cyber operations with traditional military C4I operations and to inform policy decisions on cyber risk and operational command and control.