Centers and Divisions

CNA's Center for Naval Analyses

Advanced Technology and Systems Analysis

Helping decision makers get the best possible returns from their technology and systems investments.

Center for Strategic Studies

Identifying "the issue after next" in the research and analysis of a wide range of strategic, regional, and policy issues.

China Studies

Providing in-depth analyses of China's emerging role in the international order, important issues in U.S.-China relations, and critical developments within China itself.

Marine Corps Program

Expert analysis of issues of critical concern to the Marine Corps leadership, including manpower and training, operations, logistics, aviation, Naval integration, and programs and resources.

Operations Evaluation Group

Conducting ongoing Washington-based and field-based research focused on the operational challenges facing the military and other government agencies.

Resource Analysis

Providing analytical services to help develop, evaluate, and implement policies, practices, and programs that make people, budgets, and assets more effective and efficient.

Special Operations Program

Bringing CNA's "full spectrum" research and analysis capabilities to bear on the most complex and challenging issues facing special operations forces today and in the future.

CNA's Institute for Public Research

Enterprise Systems and Data Analysis

We analyze the entirety of a client's systems—their people, processes, data, and technology—to identify a solution for improved operations.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security is a national leader in supporting homeland security, public safety, and emergency operations at all levels of government.

Center for Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence

The center provides technical, strategic and operational insights and connect government and private stakeholders to make sure the U.S. is at the forefront in this rapidly evolving area.

Military Advisory Board

Our Military Advisory Board is an elite group of retired three- and four-star flag and general officers from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps that studies pressing issues of the day to assess their impact on America's national security.