What We Offer

CNA is a nonprofit organization that brings creative solutions to a vast array of complex problems faced in the critical arenas of national security, education, homeland security, community safety, and air traffic management. We offer great career opportunities for people with experience in engineering, mathematics, economics, international relations, national security, public policy, history, psychology, and many other scientific and professional fields of study.

We offer some rather unique career opportunities that simply aren't easily found elsewhere. We provide the opportunity to work with some of the most highly trained and talented people in the world (nearly all of our specialists hold advanced degrees, with two-thirds having Ph.D.s). Through our field program, our work can take CNA professionals to the far corners of the world. In the course of their work, they have swum with dolphins, sailed the Caribbean on a Coast Guard cutter, and been catapulted off the decks of aircraft carriers—always with a focused, public service interest at the fore.

How We Work and How You Fit In

CNA takes a systems approach to the research we conduct, looking at all parts of an equation—people, processes, missions, and environments—to see how they come together to make a system work. At CNA your investigations and analyses will be combined with those of your colleagues, not just to answer questions but also to bring understanding and insight to complex issues of policy, management, operations, and a vast range of specific technical challenges.

CNA staff's rich mix of backgrounds, interests, and perspectives provides intellectual stimulation and fosters creativity. Analysts often work as members of interdisciplinary teams. The threads that tie the various disciplines together are scientific rigor, an empirical approach, and quantitative techniques.

You'll work side-by-side with clients, discovering all you can about what they do, how they work, and where they want to go in the future. Based on your investigations, you'll analyze your data, translate your findings into clear recommendations, and often help implement your recommendations.

An Important Note

To be considered for hire, all individuals applying for positions with CNA are subject to a background investigation. For positions requiring access to classified information, U.S. citizenship is required. Individuals will also be subject to an additional government background investigation, and continued employment eligibility is contingent upon the ability to obtain and maintain an active security clearance.

Matching Your Skills to Our Needs

Our staff is made up of individuals from across the spectrum of professional and scientific studies. We're always looking for talented people with backgrounds in: mathematics, chemistry, engineering, physics, economics, computer science, security policy, public policy, political science, education research, environmental science, international relations, operations research, statistics, psychology, public health, and many other related fields of study.

If you have a Ph.D. or a thesis master's degree in any of the above fields and are interested in what we do, we encourage you to apply for a position on our research staff. Outstanding graduates with research or analytical skills without a master's thesis or a dissertation can join CNA's associate research staff. A limited number of associate research positions are available to candidates who have not completed their master's thesis, or, in some cases, to those who have not begun graduate studies. CNA supports these staff members in their studies toward a master's degree, which they are expected to complete within three years.

We seek top-notch candidates for our research staff on a year-round basis. Check our job openings to learn more about career opportunities at CNA.

Research and Technical Careers

CNA looks for people with the training and ability to reason soundly and to apply scientific techniques imaginatively—people who can see beyond surface details to the core of a problem and devise logical, practical solutions.

We hire both experienced analysts and qualified people who have little or no experience—all with strong academic credentials. We are looking for staff who have a commitment to serious research, an ability to communicate clearly, and a desire to work on public interest problems and to see their solutions implemented. These skills are demonstrated when prospective analysts present their research during the interview process.

Most analysts accept a field assignment within their first three years. Under this unique program, analysts work at various client sites around the world, helping clients tackle myriad problems as they arise and gaining an insider's view in order to address longer-term challenges as well.

Professional Careers

CNA offers positions in computer and information technology, business administration, communications, human resources management, accounting, security, and office management. CNA has created a work environment that challenges all staff to excel and rewards excellence with good pay, job satisfaction, and opportunities to advance.

Check our job openings to learn more about career opportunities at CNA.