Working with CNA

Subcontractors and Consultants

CNA continually searches for subcontractors and any and all qualified small businesses to fulfill our subcontracting requirements and meet our client’s needs.

CNA's core competency is research and analysis. We are always on the lookout for high quality small businesses with similar capabilities, especially in program evaluation, performance metrics, qualitative and quantitative analysis, statistical and econometric analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and survey design and analysis. Subject matter expertise in our primary business practices (safety and security, health, education, and air traffic management) is also desirable.

Small Businesses

CNA is fully committed to partnering with small businesses. We believe that by doing so, we offer our customers a richer, more robust solution set than we can alone. CNA has a track record of meeting, or exceeding, small business subcontracting goals on our government contracts, and we often team with small businesses on small or disadvantaged business set-aside procurements.

Additionally, we are particularly interested in small businesses with capabilities in technical assistance, conference management and logistics, information technology, and writing and editing.

While we evaluate teaming options on an opportunity basis, we want to establish sustaining relationships with small businesses that complement our capabilities and share our commitment to quality.

To submit information and qualifications, please fill out the CNA Supplier Self-Certification form and provide a copy of your line card, resume and/or capabilities statement.


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