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Samuel Bendett is a Research Analyst with the Center for Naval Analyses' International Affairs Group, where he is a member of the Russia Studies Program. His work involves Russian defense and security technology and developments, Russian geopolitical influence in the former Soviet states, as well as Russian unmanned systems development, Russian naval capabilities and Russian decision-making calculus during military crises.

Prior to joining CNA, Bendett worked at the National Defense University on emerging and disruptive technologies for government response in crisis situation, where he conducted research on behalf of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy (OSD-P) and Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (OSD-AT&L). His previous experience includes working for US Congress, private sector and non-profit organizations on foreign policy, international conflict resolution, defense and security issues.

Bendett’s analyses, views and commentary on Russian military robotics, unmanned systems and artificial intelligence capabilities appear regularly in the C4ISRnet, The National Interest, DefenseOne, Breaking Defense, War Is Boring, and The Strategy Bridge. He was also a foreign policy and international affairs contributor to the blog, writing on Russian military technology.

Bendett received his M.A. in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School, Tufts University and B.A. in Politics and English from Brandeis University. He has native fluency in Russian.


November 9, 2018

Michael Kofman says that the Trident Juncture exercise, “clearly demonstrates to Russia the ability of the United States together with NATO allies to appear in the high north, on that part of Russia’s flank.”

Defense and Aerospace Report: “CNA’s Kofman, Bendett on Russian Perception of Trident Juncture”


November 9, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “The Russian Federation looks to practice its con-opts and tactics, techniques and procedures on a regular basis. There’s no better way to do that than in full sight of NATO and United States Navy.”

Defense and Aerospace Report: “CNA’s Kofman, Bendett on Russian Perception of Trident Juncture”


October 29, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “What’s interesting is that Russian designers are thinking creatively about UAV applications. Biomimicry allows UAVs to operate in areas where a ‘regular’-looking UAV would have been sighted and eliminated.”

C4ISRNET: “New Russian Owl Drone Will Hunt Tanks in Northern Warfare”


October 22, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “One of the biggest lessons learned from Syria, and from the Arab Spring writ large, was the need for Russia to have more robust information warfare capabilities, especially for its military.”

Defense One: “Russian Intel Chief: Internet Should Be Controlled by ‘Proper Authorities’”


October 15, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “The US military recognizes that Russian electronic warfare capabilities are evolving to the point where they can pose a threat to US systems.”

Al-Monitor: “Pentagon Looks to Thwart Russian Tech Attacks in Syria”


October 12, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "The relatively unprecedented step of taking [away] a project of this scale and magnitude shows how concerned [Russia's Ministry of Defense, or MOD] is with actual results, given that several Russian design bureaus are also working on long-range ISR and combat UAVs, competing for the same pot of funds that recently fed the Altius project."

Defense One: "Ukrainian Armed-Drone Makers Sprint Ahead as Russian Effort Hits Snag"


October 3, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “There is an understanding in the Russian military that as the technology it uses becomes more hi-tech and sophisticated, it needs to attract potential talent as the next generation to manage and operate such technology.”

C4ISRNET: “Will Russian Students Design Underwater Robots to Protect the Coasts?”


September 28, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “There was a surprising amount of diversity and detail in the Russian media. In other words, anybody could follow the exercises, the components, the forces deployed, the technology deployed, so a variety of publications covered Vostock in great detail.”

Defense and Aerospace Report: “Threat Report: CNA’s Kofman and Bendett on Vostok Exercise”


September 24, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “This was also a command and control exercise to see whether new Russian technologies will be utilized to properly manage these forces.”

C4ISRNET: “Combat Robots and Cheap Drones Obscure the Hidden Triumph of Russia’s Wargame”


September 18, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “There is a lot of development and lots of R&D work in this area, and Russia sees itself in a technological race against the United States/NATO.”

C4ISRNET: “Russian Roboticist Sees All-But-Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems by 2030”


September 4, 2018

Samuel Bendett says that the Vostok exercise “involves a lot of forces from the eastern and central military districts, all airborne forces, long-range forces, parts of the northern fleet. It involves a lot of tanks, a lot of armored cars, a lot of armored vehicles. It involves up to a thousand or so aircraft of all types. So certainly the Russians are making it a very massive and large-scale attempt at an exercise.”

Defense and Aerospace Report: “Threat Report: CNA’s Bendett on Russian and Chinese Vostock Exercise”


August 30, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “It was interesting that the Russian announcement during Army-2018 stated that the exoskeleton was ‘tested in combat,’ though without any specific details. It’s likely that it was tried in Syria, though the press and media did not cover that development.”

Defense One: “Russia, U.S. Are In a Military Exoskeleton Race”


August 27, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, “Currently, the Russian military is working on incorporating elements of AI in its electronic warfare, missile, aircraft and unmanned systems technologies, with the aim of making battlefield decision-making and targeting faster and more precise.”

CAAI Blog: “Efforts to Develop AI in the Russian Military”


August 24, 2018

Samuel Bendett says The Orion “most closely resembles America’s Predator/Gray Eagle UAV in its technical characteristics.”

Defense News: “Russian Firm May Sell a Drone Resembling the U.S. Predator to a Mideast Customer”


August 24, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “The Ministry of Defence is holding competitions among students of various ages to generate new ideas and to get young people interested in emerging hi-tech.”

C4ISRNET: “Russian Student Competitions Are Rebuilding a Military-Industrial Pipeline”


August 24, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, “This week, Russia is hosting its biggest military exhibition —Army-2018. The exhibition is held at the recently established “Patriot” expo center not far from Moscow.  Dozens of nations, thousands of military technology samples and hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to converge at the Patriot for the next several days.

The National Interest: “Russia Is Giving the World a Preview of Some of Its Most Advanced Military Equipment”


August 20, 2018

Samuel Bendett says that Russian want to, “put an unmanned package on the most widespread tank chassy they own  which is a T-72.”

Defense and Aerospace Report: “CNA’s Bendett on Russia’s Storm UGV Concept, Cephalopod UUV, 2018 Falcon Hunt UAV Competition”


August 20, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “This UAV is a step in the right direction for close-combat [unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV], though much will depend on its actual battlefield performance”

Defense One: “Ukraine Startup Building Drones with Grenade Launchers”


August 16, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “Mobility is key in Electronic Warfare (EW), and Russian forces have a wide variety of wheeled EW systems that could deploy in as little as 15 minutes.”

Breaking Defense: “Army Tests Jamming MRAPs: New Electronic Warfare Vehicle”


August 13, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “Russian Ministry of Defense already has a center for unmanned aerial vehicle training ? it’s the 924th Center, outside of Moscow ? and it’s been operating for about five years at this point and is dedicated to teaching soldiers and officers the operation of various UAVs,”

C4ISRNET: “Russia Wants Universities to Design Robots for War”


August 5, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “Estonia is a surprising pioneer in [unmanned ground vehicle] technology — its unmanned ground vehicles represent the growing segment of logistics, support and close combat designs that will become ubiquitous in near- to midterm combat.”

Defense One: “Who’s Leading the Western Response to Russia’s Warbots? Estonia”


August 2, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, “As great power rivalries intensify, China, Russia, and the United States are redoubling their pursuit of defense innovation in emerging technologies that could change the character, perhaps even the nature, of warfare.”

The Strategy Bridge: “Chinese and Russian Defense Innovation, with American Characteristics? Military Innovation, Commercial Technologies, and Great Power Competition”


July 31, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “As far as FEDOR's humanoid appearance, a wide range of human activity in the future will have androids either replacing a person or become his reliable assistants.”

How Stuff Works: “Russia Sending Humanoid FEDOR Robot Into Space”


July 25, 2018

"According to expert analyst Samuel Bendett, there appears to be consensus that humans will be kept in the loop [with autonomous weapons], at least for the near future. However, it remains to be seen how Russia’s approach may evolve as the underlying technologies advance."

Center for a New American Security: “Strategic Competition in an Era of Artificial Intelligence”


July 23, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “Most importantly, this will be an expensive endeavor, further pushing Russian designers and the Ministry of Defense to be more selective in approving the final aircraft specs.”

Defense One: “This Stealthy Drone May Be The Future of Russian Fighter Jets”


July 20, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “It does make for a very effective military ‘android’ in official videos where its shooting guns, but ultimately it’s a dual-use work frame for hard-to-do projects like working in space or in other hazardous environments.”

Defense One: “Russia Is Gearing up to Send Androids Into Space as Part of ISS Crew”


July 20, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "The Russian Ministry of Defense is pursuing artificial intelligence with an urgency that has only grown since Vladimir Putin's "rule the world" speech in September."

Defense One: "Here's How the Russian Military Is Organizing to Develop AI"


July 18, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, “The Russian government has long expressed concern that their reliance on imported IT products creates major security vulnerabilities.”

CAAI Blog: “Russian Kryptonite to Western Hi-Tech Dominance”


July 17, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “If this was Russian, domestic technology, then Zala would have named it — in fact, Russian military and industry are now making a point in specifically stating when certain domestic high-tech is used in new and upgraded systems.”

C4ISRNET: “Russia Announces Its First Drones Equipped With LIDAR”


July 11, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “What’s interesting is the extent to which the Russian government and especially the Ministry of Defense is marshaling resources for the development of AI for its military.”

Defense One: “China, Russia, and the U.S. Are All Building Centers for Military AI”


July 10, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “The operator still has to be relatively close by to operate this UGV - up to 1000 feet which may be a liability in and of itself.”

C4ISRNET: “Belarus Shows off ‘Praying Mantis,‘ a Tank Hunting Robot”


June 29, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “Within the Russian Ministry of Defense, there are now two centers responsible for the development of the latest breakthrough technologies, such as autonomous weapons, but no specific agency-wide effort to develop AI center like JAIC.”

Breaking Defense: “Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Created Under DoD CIO”


June 27, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “If this UAV will, in fact, be 20 tons in weight it could probably take up to several tons in useful weight, so rockets, missiles, bombs, maybe other equipment.”

Defense & Aerospace Report: “CNA’s Bendett on Russia’s Hunter UAV, Uran-9 UGV, Submarine and UUV Innovation Outlook”


June 25, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, “Russia is also busy designing and testing many unmanned maritime and ground vehicles for various missions with diverse payloads.”

Mad Scientist Blog (U.S. Army): “Russian Ground Battlefield Robots: A Candid Evaluation and Ways Forward”


June 12, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “There has not been such automation of Russian weapons before of the kind described here—‘self-learning’ is a new concept that is a result of more advanced software and hardware developments dealing with AI.”

C4ISRNET: “Russia Prepares for a Future of Making Autonomous Weapons”


June 8, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “Russia is investing in military high-tech development, and especially in domestically produced software and hardware.”

Defense One: “Russia, Too, Is Building a Giant War Cloud”


June 4, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Russian Electronic Warfare is a developed, mature technology that has continued to develop after the collapse of the Soviet Union."

C4ISRNET: "What's the Frequency, Putin? 5 Questions About Russia's Electronic Warfare Capability"


May 31, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Uran-9 is certainly a unique UGV, since it's one of the biggest weapons of its kind tested anywhere."

Al Bawaba: "Russia is Weapons Testing Unmanned Ground Vehicles in Syria"


May 30, 2018

Samuel Bendett says that while AI is being developed in the U.S. private sector, "In Russia, we have a reverse of that almost, where the Ministry of Defence says, 'This is what we're going to do. We have all these departments and military schools, we have all these forums, we have all this investment. Let's put together some kind of framework where we can develop entirely and maybe get some stuff from the private sector.'"

National Defense Magazine: "Pentagon Eyeing AI Center for Tech Development"


May 29, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Russians also said they are going to show a lot more unmanned capabilities at the 2019 Victory Day Parade and this was kind of like the first run."

Defense & Aerospace Report: "CNA's Bendett on Military-Capability Insights from Russia's 2018 Victory Day Parade"


May 24, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “These robots most likely will not engage in live-fire exercises, as the main goal for student designers will be navigating an obstacle course with growing complexity. On the other hand, similar contests among various design bureaus, when held in the near future, may feature such live-fire exercise.”

C4ISRNET: “Why the U.S. Should Care About Russia’s Robot Biathlon”


May 18, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, “In their official statements, Russian position their unmanned underwater vehicles as extensions of their military capabilities in the ‘World Ocean.’”

C4ISRNET: “Russia Hints at a Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine for 2027”


May 17, 2018

Samuel Bendett speaks on AI development and the news about Google employees protesting their company's involvement with DoD's Project Maven.

Voice of America (Russia Service): "Instrument of the Pentagon"


May 12, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "In reality, [the] Uran-9 tests in Syria should have garnered major attention from all major Russian news outlets, given how proud Russian [sic] are of their remote-controlled tank."

The National Interest: "Russia Confirms a Revolutionary New Tank Was Sent to Syria"


May 7, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "The defense ministry announced that the robotic Uran-6 complexes designed for mine clearance were well-proven in Syria, as well as Uran-9 multifunctional reconnaissance and fire support systems."

C4ISRNET: "Russia Confirms Its Armed Robot Tank Was in Syria"


April 25, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "If Gomzin's case becomes more complicated and the work at Simonov Design Bureau slows down, this may also open the door to other competitors who were so far behind."

Defense One: "The Designer of Russia's First Armed Drone Is Under Arrest"


April 20, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Over the past couple years Russians have been developing and using a lot of UAVs, UUVs, and UGVs in combat."

Defense and Aerospace Report: "CNA's Bendett on Russia's Use of Unmanned Systems"


April 19, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "All technology displayed on parade was/is in regular use, so it was probably just a matter of time before Russians started showing off their unmanned military systems."

CAAI Blog: "For the First Time, Russia Is Showcasing Unmanned Military Systems at a Military Parade"


April 13, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Syria was a major laboratory...for the Russian military technologies."

National Defense Magazine: "Russia Rolling Ahead With Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicles"


April 12, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has taken the lead right now in marshalling academic, military industrial resources, it is creating forums, it is putting people together to work on developing artificial intelligence."

Defense and Aerospace Report: "CNA's Bendett on Russia's Use of AI, Electronic Warfare, Weapons Development"


April 10, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "They don't want to separate AI into good or bad, for them it is not about ethics. It is about what they can actually build."

SIGNAL: "Russia Strengthening Focus on AI Technologies"


April 4, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Russians are years away from developing UGVs that can go up against Abrams tanks."

Breaking Defense: "Russian Robots Attack! West Point Comic's (Plausible) Future War"


April 4, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "There is a massive Chinese military-industrial complex behind Chinese UAV developments."

The National Interest: "China's Army and Navy Have Big Plans to Dominate and Win the Next War"


April 4, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "Russia's annual domestic investment in AI is probably around 700 million rubles ($12.5 million) – a paltry sum next to the billions being spent by American and Chinese companies."

Defense One: "In AI, Russia Is Hustling to Catch Up"


April 2, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "This points to one of the biggest problems that the MOD [Ministry of Defense] and its military industrial complex have to overcome."

SOFREP News: "Despite Touting Advanced Missiles, Russia's Drone Program Lags Behind Competitors"


March 30, 2018

Samuel Bendett says that in Russia, "The government has taken a very active role in trying to define how artificial intelligence, unmanned systems and high-tech weapons are to be used."

Defense One: "AI: The Pros, Cons, and What To Really Fear"


March 30, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Both countries present this as a partnership of equals. But yes, for now, it's still Russia selling advanced weapons to China."

The National Interest: "Russia and China Are Now Building Weapons Together"


March 30, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "They are currently focused on developing a range of prototypes, from the smallest tracked and wheeled logistics and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, & reconnaissance) robots to the tank-sized Vihr and Uran-9 armored UGVs."

Breaking Defense: "Skeptics Ask: Can the Army Field Armed Robots by 2024?"


March 29, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "The technopolis will feature all available social comforts for young specialists and their families, including shopping venues, schools, kindergartens and public transport – just like the Soviet 'secret cities' did."

War is Boring: "Russia Wants to Build a Whole City for Developing Weapons"


March 28, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "The new technology Gerasimov discusses would allow Russia to conduct deep-strikes within enemy territory."

Defense One: "Russian Military Chief Lays out the Kremlin's High-Tech War Plans"


March 27, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "The big takeaway is that Russia is finally and openly acknowledging the importance and irreplaceability of unmanned systems in future conflicts."

The National Interest: "Russia Just Revealed How It Will Fight the Wars of the Future (And It's Shocking)"


March 19, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "How will Russia's combat UGVs perform in battle? It's currently not clear. Russian systems – like practically all combat UGVs – are vulnerable to enemy fire."

The National Interest: "Is Russia Building an Army of Robots?"


March 17, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "Russia hasn't yet announced officially if its combat UGVs will be expendable devices, or if it plans to make them permanent fixtures in operations."

War is Boring: "What Moscow Thinks About When It Thinks About War Robots"


March 14, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Gerasimov stressed that [Russia's] forces are publicly present in the capital city and no attack from any quarter would be tolerated—or he was limiting the 'attack vector' to Damascus only and not on field conditions."

The National Interest: "Russia Sends a Chilling Warning to America Over Syria"


March 13, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Indonesia is definitely keeping its options open as it eyes China's rise and as it sees the Russians becoming more active in international conflicts and engagements."

The National Interest: "Russia's Lethal Su-35 Is Coming to Indonesia"


March 9, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "The key phrase here is that it would be a 'painful process' were that to happen in the first place. He is saying that the Russian military and government have their own closed Internet systems."

Defense One: "If War Comes, Russia Could Disconnect From the Internet. Yes, the Entire Country"


March 7, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "The Foundation of Advanced Studies (FAS) stays busy these days with a variety of projects that include unmanned and robotic technologies."

War is Boring: "The Russian Military Wants Students to Design Its New Underwater Drone"


March 7, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Russians have publicly stated that they like the fact that NATO military assets have been in and around the Baltic Sea conducting their operations, giving Russians the ability to collect data on sensors, on communications and all kinds of electronic signatures."

Defense One: "Genius Machines: The Next Decade of Artificial Intelligence" [Panel begins at 2:10:30]


February 28, 2018

Samuel Bendett says that private military companies in Syria allow a "degree of deniability from Moscow should things go wrong."

The World Weekly: "The Mercenaries Fighting for the Kremlin"


February 27, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "This UAV is still 'in development' so we might guess that a prototype can be unveiled next year and a flying concept could be unveiled by 2020."

The National Interest: "Russia Is Developing a New Long-Range Supersonic Strike Aircraft. No Pilot Needed."


February 26, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Russia considers American satellites a significant threat when it comes to potential confrontation, and is actively working to counter U.S. technologies in space."

Defense One: "Russia Claims It Now Has Lasers to Shoot Satellites"


February 22, 2018

Samuel Bendett was quoted in the Russian daily RBC publication on the arrival of Russia's newest Su-57 stealth aircraft to the Russian based in Syria.

RBC: "Why the Newest Su-57 Fighter Flew to Khemeymim"[Russian] [Viewable on an unfettered device]


February 20, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "The key here is that the Russians are starting to move away from 'regular' UAV designs and are beginning to experiment with a variety of UAV design and applications."

The National Interest: "Here Is How Russia Hopes to Dominate the Drone Market"


February 1, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "This unmanned helicopter will enhance the military capabilities of the nation's armed forces, as well as serve as a useful addition to the civilian sector such as emergency and first responders."

The National Interest: "Is the Russian Military Going Robot?"


February 1, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "What's evident now is that Russia's plan to more closely integrate their EW forces with air/missile defenses is coming to fruition."

Breaking Defense: "Electronic Warfare Trumps Cyber For Deterring Russia"


January 25, 2018

Samuel Bendett writes, "In certain aspects of the field of unmanned military systems, Russia may be inching ahead of its competition in designing and testing a wide variety of systems and conceptualizing their future use."

Defense One: "Russia Is Poised to Surprise the U.S. in Battlefield Robotics"


January 21, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Soratnik testing in Syria may have in fact taken place considering the mine clearing UGVs that Russia has tested there and is planning to use from now on."

The National Interest: "Russia Tests New "Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle" in Near Combat Conditions"


January 17, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "We are talking about a very wide aperture for a drone-borne attack—from small quadrocopters, to plane-like UAVs that attacked Hmeimim, to potential coordinated swarms made up of small and large drones."

The National Interest: "'Swarm' Strikes Are the U.S. Military's Worst Fear"


January 16, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "Robust EW defenses—in fact, the Russians are already talking about bolstering their EW even more following this Syria attack."

The National Interest: "Could This Be the U.S. Military's Secret Weapon to Stop a 'Swarm' Strike?"


January 12, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "sophisticated UAV education and knowledge is spreading and more and more people are starting to get access to what was once very classified and proprietary data, including technologies that enable UAV flight and operation."

The National Interest: "Who Attacked a Russian Military Base With a 'Swarm' Strike?"


January 8, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "It's very likely that such parts were most likely acquired commercially, in which case we are entering a dangerous terra incognita with respect to unsanctioned UAV use by non-state and terrorist organizations."

The National Interest: "Russia Came Under Attack by a 'Swarm' In Syria, Says Report"


January 4, 2018

Samuel Bendett says, "[Russians] are seeking to rapidly develop new UAV with strike capabilities and this new drone could be a test bed for that platform."

The National Interest: "Russia Is Developing a Mysterious Unmanned Strike Aircraft"


December 12, 2017

Samuel Bendett writes, “Over the last five years, the Russian Federation has made great strides in designing, testing, evaluating, and fielding a variety of unmanned military systems.”

The Strategy Bridge: “Red Robots Rising: Behind the Rapid Development of Russian Unmanned Military Systems”


December 1, 2017

Samuel Bendett says, "Russia taking a defensive stance against an international body seeking to regulate weapons other than destructive nuclear bombs should not have been such a surprise."

TechSpot: "Russia Says an International Ban Won't Prevent It Building Killer Robots"


November 28, 2017

Samuel Bendett says, "Russia has been increasing spending on both IT software and hardware for its military, creating domestic microchips, smart phones, notebooks and now closed Internet for the Armed Forces. These efforts were facilitated by the government and [Ministry of Defense] eager to wean themselves off the dependence on high-tech imports."

Defense One: "Russia Will Build Its Own Internet Directory, Citing U.S. Information Warfare"


November 28, 2017

Samuel Bendett says, "The growth in Russian unmanned military systems is going to be exponential."

Real Clear World: "The Next Step in Russia's Military Modernization? Robots"


November 21, 2017

Samuel Bendett says, "Russians are also unsure how exactly AI-driven military robotics systems would function given that artificial intelligence in a battlefield capacity is still an evolving concept."

Defense One: "Russia to the United Nations: Don't Try to Stop Us From Building Killer Robots"


November 17, 2017

Samuel Bendett says, "This particular UAV will enter service in 2018, just as the Russians will start fielding their own combat unmanned aerial vehicles - so the technology race is ongoing and Ukrainians need a truly organized public-private, interagency and whole of government effort to make their wishes for a combat long-range UAV a reality."

Defense One: "Ukraine Fields an Armed Drone for Use Against Pro-Russian Forces"


November 15, 2017

Samuel Bendett says, “This is MiG’s chance to prove its relevance in the rapidly evolving UAV market in Russia. Years ago they were supposed to deliver a combat model [called Skat] which never materialized. If they don’t deliver here, they may never get to take part in future projects.”

The National Interest: “This Russian Company Built Some of the World's Most Lethal Jets (And Has Big Plans)”


November 8, 2017

Samuel Bendett says, "[Russia has] also been stating for a while that their modernization and state armaments program will include high-tech and unmanned systems."

Defense One: "Russia Says It Will Field a Robot Tank That Outperforms Humans"


November 8, 2017

Samuel Bendett writes, "The Russian military announced on Oct. 30, 2017 that it will begin acquiring the Nerekhta - a ground-combat robot armed with a slew of remotely-operated weapons such as machine guns and rocket launchers."

War is Boring: "Russia Presses Ahead With Combat Robots"


November 1, 2017

Samuel Bendett says "The MOD [Ministry of Defense] is discussing the state armaments program and greater emphasis will be placed on funding air and space defense, strategic nuclear forces, high tech weapons and all manner of unmanned systems."

The National Interest: "Russia's New Tu-160 Will Carry Nuclear Cruise Missiles (Should America Be Worried?)"


October 18, 2017

Samuel Bendett says "There were some armed UGVs, but they were light, at most several hundred pounds, what was notably absent was any large-sized combat UGV."

Breaking Defense: "Armed Robots: US Lags Rhetoric, Russia"


October 10, 2017

Samuel Bendett says "What's interesting about the Ukrainian conflict is that it's the Ukrainian side that is developing unmanned systems it thinks will help it fight. Phantom is one such machine."

Defense One: "Armed Ground Robots Could Join the Ukrainian Conflict Next Year"


October 9, 2017

Samuel Bendett says "Russia does have a wide range of electronic warfare capabilities to disrupt adversary's communications on land and air, in a localized and long-range capacity."

Space News: "Army Rolls out New Plan to Modernize Communications Networks and Weapons"


October 9, 2017

Samuel Bendett says Russia is "looking to streamline that effort at the initial stage from zero to 100" in getting unmanned systems operational.

USNI: "Experts: Syrian War Prompting Russians to Expand Unmanned Systems"


October 5, 2017

Sam Bendett says that “Russia saw a distinct advantage in very quickly acquiring [an unmanned] system and learning from its operations.”

Foreign Policy: “Russian Drone Tech May Include Help From Iran”


October 5, 2017

Sam Bendett says that “Russia’s notoriously bureaucratic military-industrial complex is finally getting its act together on robotics, with massive new investment and significant innovation.”

Breaking Defense: “Russian Robots: Fear Jammers, Not Terminators”


October 5, 2017

Samuel Bendett, "believes Russia may be willing to use AI more aggressively than rivals."

Medium: "China, Russia and the U.S. Are Running Neck-And-Neck in an AI Military Arms Race"


October 5, 2017

CNA analysts Samuel Bendett, Olga Oliker and Michael Kofman spoke on a panel on "Russia's Military Robots: Key Trends and Developments in Russia's Unmanned Systems" at CSIS on Thursday, October 5. Click here to register.


September 19, 2017

The National Interest  publishes "America Is Getting Outclassed by Russian Electronic Warfare" by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


September 18, 2017

The National Interest publishes "Russia's Robotics Armada Emerges" by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


September 18, 2017

The National Interest publishes "Russia's Unmanned Aircraft Are Getting Lethal New Munitions" by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


September 11, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in "Should the World Fear Russia's Robots?"


September 8, 2017

Wired quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in "For Superpowers, Artificial Intelligence Fuels New Global Arms Race"


September 5, 2017

CNN mentions CNA analyst Samuel Bendett's recent article "Russia's Unmanned Systems Are on the Move" in "Putin and Musk Are Right: Whoever Masters AI Will Run the World"


August 24, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in “This Middle Eastern Power Might Start Buying up Lethal Russian Military Gear”


August 23, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analysts Samuel Bendett and Olya Oliker in “Report: Russia Just Signed a Deal to Sell the S-400 Air Defense System to Turkey”


August 22, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analysts Michael Kofman and Samuel Bendett in "Russia's PAK-DP Interceptor: The Unmanned Plane That Could Replace the MiG-31?"


August 22, 2017

The National Interest publishes "Russia's Unmanned Systems Are on the Move" by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


August 18, 2017

Real Clear Defense quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in "Navy Displays Glimpse of High-Tech Warfare"


August 18, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in “The U.S. Navy Has Given Us a Glimpse of How It Will Fight High-Tech Wars"


August 7, 2017

The National Interest publishes “Could the Soviet Union Have Survived Into the 21st Century?” by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


July 27, 2017

Real Clear Defense quotes CNA analyst Michael Kofman and Samuel Bendett in “Pentagon on Alert as Russia Preps for Huge Military Exercise”


July 13, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in “This NATO Member Might Purchase Russia’s Mighty S-400 Air Defense System”


July 7, 2017

The National Interest publishes “Can Russian UAVs Close the Gap With America or Israel?” by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


July 6, 2017

Harvard University Belfer Center cites CNA analyst Samuel Bendett's article "Get Ready, NATO: Russia's New Killer Robots are Nearly Ready for War" in "Artificial Intelligence and National Security."


June 4, 2017

The National Interest cites “Russia’s Military Robots Are on the Move” by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in “RayTheon Has a Genius Plan to Make the Stinger Missile a Drone-Killer”


May 4, 2017

The National Interest publishes “Russia’s Military Robots Are on the Move” by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


April 12, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analysts Samuel Bendett and Michael Kofman in “Russia’s Tu-160M2 Blackjack Supersonic Bomber: A Cruiser Missile Carrier?”


March 19, 2017

War Is Boring publishes "A Soviet Film Predicted Our Robot Apocalypse – in 1977" by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


March 7, 2017

The National Interest publishes "Get Ready, NATO: Russia’s New Killer Robots Are Nearly Ready for War" by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett


March 1, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in "Russia's Big ‘Guns' Are Firing a Very Different Type of ‘Bullet' These Days"


February 23, 2017

EurasiaNet quotes CNA analysts Samuel Bendett and Michael Kofman in "After Abandoning Chinese Missiles, Turkey Says It's Ready to Buy Russian"


February 22, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analysts Samuel Bendett and Michael Kofman in "Would Russia Really Sell the Deadly S-400 to Turkey?"


January 31, 2017

The National Interest quotes CNA analyst Samuel Bendett in "Russia’s Military Is Attempting to Close the Gap With America in This Key Area"


January 10, 2017

The National Interest publishes "How Russia’s Military Plans to Counter the Pentagon’s Drone Swarms" by CNA analyst Samuel Bendett