Year In Review 2011

Every year we are honored to work with agencies throughout government and with offices and divisions throughout the Department of Defense to help bring clarity and insight to the important work of public service and national defense. This Year in Review highlights some of those efforts from 2011 and helps illustrate the breadth and depth of the work performed by our expert researchers and analysts.

A hallmark of our work you’ll see here is the hands-on methodology CNA analysts employ in conducting their research. This approach is reflected in our field program, where CNA research analysts have on-going assignments around the world with the Navy, Marine Corps, and joint commands. It is also seen in our on-site efforts in researching education issues, homeland security matters and an array of other public concerns.

CNA’s Institute for Public Research focuses on the domestic side of the government’s business, working in the areas of education, health care, air traffic, public safety and homeland security. CNA’s Center for Naval Analyses works, as it has for nearly 70 years, with the Navy, the Marine Corps, and other branches of the services to help our military leaders better manage resources, prepare for missions, assess threats, understand and address challenges, and meet operational goals.

In all of these tasks, CNA’s researchers are relied on for their dispassionate, on-the-scene, first-hand assessments of issues and for analyses that provide information, insight, and a clearer understanding of how best to move forward.

With thanks to our sponsors and clients, and to all of the exceptional men and women at CNA who carry out our work, I present CNA’s 2011 Year in Review.


Robert J. Murray, President