Year in Review 2010

For nearly 70 years it has been CNA’s mission and privilege to provide objective, empirical research and analysis for our nation’s decision makers. Today, in addressing a vast array of national security issues—through CNA’s Center for Naval Analyses (a federally funded research and development center)—and in support of departments and agencies across government through CNA’s Institute for Public Research, we continue our mission. We give decision makers the information and insight they need to tackle the complex challenges of keeping our country safe and making government programs more efficient and effective.

This Year in Review highlights some of that work, illustrating the breadth of our efforts and the global reach of our undertakings: from CNA analysts working to save lives in Afghanistan; to our continuing, broad-based study of China and how its emergence as a world power affects the United States and other nations; to support of efforts in homeland security, education, and health; to work with the Federal Aviation Administration. You’ll also see our special relationship with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps reflected in this brief overview. CNA’s Center for Naval Analyses conducts studies on topics that cover the spectrum of issues related to military effectiveness—from training; to pay and benefits; to combat systems; to reducing the military’s dependence on fossil fuels. Thank you for your interest in our work. My thanks, too, to our sponsors and clients for the confidence and trust they have placed in CNA. And my very special thanks to all the fine women and men of CNA for their dedication, commitment, and hard work on behalf of CNA, our clients, and the American people.


Robert J. Murray, President