SMART Justice Innovation Center

Educating and Promoting Strategic Management, Analytics, Research, and Technologies (SMART)

The national SMART Justice Innovation Center provides analytic-based information relevant to police officers, criminal justice operators, researchers, public officials, and citizens alike. Using the innovative principles and practices of strategic management, analytics, evidence-based research, and enabling technologies (SMART), this center aims to promote the application of science in support of effective and cost-containing policing and other criminal justice operations.
The SMART Justice Innovation Center works on criminal justice issues ranging from smart policing, justice and corrections operations, critical incident analysis, research and planning, and policy formulation. It provides up-to-date analysis, research summaries, trends, and innovations, as well as a forum for interactive and dynamic conversation and collaboration.

Featured News and Resources

Research on Body-Worn Cameras and Law Enforcement
The National Institute of Justice discusses research on law enforcement use of body-worn cameras on their website including an ongoing CNA Corporation study with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Click here to learn more.

Need for a National Center for Police Shootings and Deadly Force Research, Training, and Technical Assistance
This paper reflects on the current state of data on police use of deadly force and calls for the establishment of a National Center for Police Shootings and Deadly Force Research, Training, and Technical Assistance. The authors describe a phased approach for establishing the Center and the benefits it would provide to the greater community of law enforcement practitioners, researchers, oversight agencies, and concerned citizens. To download the paper, click here.

Establishing a Center for Constitutional Justice
In this paper, CNA Corporation establishes the need for a Center for Constitutional Justice to work collaboratively with the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to ensure the practice of constitutional criminal justice in police and correctional agencies. CNA Corp. proposes this Center to serve as a coordinate, centralized resource for agencies throughout the nation to consult in order to effectively operate their organizations within a Constitutional framework. In this paper, CNA Corp. describes potential activities appropriate for such a Center as well as the benefits of establishing the Center. To download the paper, click here.