The Climate and Energy Nexus Summary
Challenges and Opportunities for Transatlantic Security

Published Date: June 5, 2013

Energy security and climate security are two sides of the same coin. North America and Europe’s continued reliance on imported oil makes us vulnerable to volatile global prices, risky supply lines, and unpredictable foreign governments. At the same time, our consumption of oil and other fossil fuels contributes to climate change, which poses growing risks to our infrastructure, livelihoods, and national security. Using more natural gas and oil, even if domestically produced, neither frees our economies from global oil prices nor checks the greenhouse gas emissions that threaten future generations. The only sustainable solution to this dual challenge is to improve our energy efficiency and diversify our energy sources to include cleaner and renewable power.

On both sides of the Atlantic, far-sighted leaders at various levels have used innovative technologies and policies to boost efficiency and improve energy diversity. Several government and military agencies, cities, and communities have also begun to consider in their planning risks related to energy supply and the climate, strengthening their future resilience. This report reviews those efforts and recommends steps to advance them.

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