Event: REL Appalachia Workshop – Dec 5

The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Appalachia, a program run by CNA, presents:
Building Capacity to Review and Interpret Data Using the Virginia Early Warning System
Wednesday, December, 5, 2012
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM (EST)
Fairfield Inn and Suites, South Boston, VA

Attention educators and administrators! Are you looking for ways to make use of the Virginia Early Warning System (VEWS) to identify and support students at risk of dropping out?

At this workshop, you will learn how to use the VEWS to identify students at risk of dropping out of high school. This workshop includes hands-on activities designed to strengthen the use of VEWS in your school.

Dr. Susan Therriault of the American Institutes of Research will:

  • Discuss the research on early warning system (EWS) indicators that predict whether a student is at risk of dropping out of high school;
  • Present the National High School Center’s seven-step EWS Implementation Cycle;
  • Review data and reports from the VEWS Tool to identify at-risk students and schoolwide patterns of need; and
  • Review information about the process for assigning and providing interventions.

Participants will receive hands-on training in interpreting VEWS Tool data to identify additional data needed to improve users’ understanding of strategies to obtain information about student needs.

Participants can bring their school VEWS reports for the hands-on activity. A pre-workshop webinar will be provided to demonstrate how to access these reports. Registered participants will be emailed information on how to attend this webinar.

Register here. For more information, contact Constance A. Lindsay, Ph.D., CNA research analyst, at lindsayc@cna.org.