Event: 7th SISPAT/3rd ICOC – Dec 4-7

December 4-7, 2012

The Joint 7th Singapore International Symposium On Protection Against Toxic Substances (7th SISPAT) and 3rd International Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Explosives Operations Conference (3rd ICOC) are jointly organized by DSO National Laboratories and SAF CBRE Defence Group from December 4-7, 2012. This Symposium serves as an integrated forum for scientists, engineers, medical practitioners, military planners, and other professionals from the government, academic, and industrial sectors to share and promote the latest knowledge and experiences concerning operations and incidents, emerging protective technologies, and measures against CBRE threats.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
ICOC Session 4: EOD Operations
Application of Ops Research In C-IED Ops.
Mary Lauer, Advisor - Ops Support, CNA