Strategic Studies

Strategic Studies: CNA Corporation's focal point for regional expertise and analyses, political-military studies, and U.S. strategy and force assessments

CNA Corporation's Strategic Studies division conducts high-quality, high-level research into strategic, regional, and policy issues.

Strategic Studies analysis goes beyond conventional wisdom and offers recommendations that are actionable. Its analysts don’t rely on straight-line predictions. They consider the full range of possibilities, anticipate a broad scope of plausible outcomes, and not only look at the implications of today’s issues but identify and analyze "the issue after next."

Work by Strategic Studies is characterized by rigorous methodology, a heavy reliance on primary sources, including foreign language sources, and the unique operational and policy expertise of its analysts.

Its research analysts are American citizens and hold security clearances. All have earned advanced degrees and more than half hold Ph.D.s. Many have spent time working in the policy community; several have deployed to commands around the world to provide analysis to military forces; and most have lived and worked abroad and are fluent in foreign languages. (Strategic Studies is well staffed with Arabic speakers, and has analysts who are fluent in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Dari, Hindi, Hungarian, Spanish and Vietnamese.)

Vice President and Director: Eric Thompson, Ph.D.
Project Administrator: Pam Hutchins

Strategic Studies Teams

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