Safety & Security

CNA Corporation's Safety and Security (SAS) division is a national leader in supporting homeland security, public safety, and emergency operations at all levels of government.

As part of the Institute for Public Research, SAS uses research and analysis to deliver solutions that improve decision-making during crisis operations and develop innovative answers to challenging safety and security problems. Our applied expertise allows first responders, emergency managers, public health and agriculture professionals, homeland security practitioners, and corporate and citizen partners to integrate risk-management policy, planning, and operations and to develop and sustain prevention, protection, response, and recovery capabilities at a national level.

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  • Operations analysis and field engagement
    • Real-world event analyses
    • Strategic and operational planning
  • Regional security
    • Regional catastrophic planning
    • Risk management
  • Exercises, evaluation, and training
  • Concept development and program evaluation
    • Grant program impacts
    • Measures of effectiveness
  • Policy analysis and metrics
  • Resource and workforce analysis
    • Capabilities and readiness assessment
    • Lifecycle cost analyses
  • Technology and acquisition assessment