Field Program

CNA Corporation Field Program:  a real-world approach.

Through its Field Program, CNA Corporation’s Operations Evaluation Group (OEG) and Marine Corps Program keep nearly 50 analysts assigned to Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Commands at all times.

Assignments are for two to three years and range from aircraft carrier strike groups and Marine expeditionary forces to the U.S. Pacific Command. These field representatives are included in all functions of the command and provide real-time analytic support on operational problems of immediate concern.

In times of crisis or conflict OEG augments its field staff, sending additional analysts to on-scene posts. (CNA Corp. has supported every conflict that has involved the Navy or Marines since World War II.) During these deployments, OEG analysts are responsible for providing real-time analytic support to help commanders conduct operations more effectively and safely. They are also responsible for identifying issues requiring post-conflict analyses and for collecting data to support those efforts.