Commitment to Diversity

Diversity not only reflects the world in which we live, it creates a dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and excellence. Differing points of view, different frames of reference, and a broad range of life experiences bring an energy to the workplace that has helped CNA Corporation become a world leader in conducting effective, insightful analysis.

CNA Corporation’s diversity program is designed to ensure that the organization attracts, develops, respects, motivates, and retains highly skilled people without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, disability, personal background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, education, or position within CNA Corp.

CNA Corporation’s Human Resources department develops and implements organization-wide diversity initiatives and works to identify, and promptly address, diversity issues. The committee also makes recommendations to senior managers to initiate and improve policies and practices that ensure that all employees are appreciated, evaluated objectively and equitably, and offered equal opportunities to grow and advance in their careers.